Penny loafers, the best shoes for spring

Penny loafers, the best shoes for spring
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Shoes are an essential part of the male and female wardrobe. If your shoes don´t match the rest of your clothes you could end up attracting attention for the wrong reasons.

In addition to the widlcard shirts (blue or white) there are also widlcard shoes for men: black or brown to match the style of any suit. Shoes are not the best things to leave to chance.

The Penny loafer is a classic that looks fantastic every time spring springs.  This type of shoe was first worn by Indians who used them to protect themselves from bad weather. Nowadays they are the perfect match for men and they look simply superb when worn without socks with the ankle slightly on show.

Here at we stock a huge variety of penny loafers that are perfect for every occasion. The different styles mean that we have a pair that are sure to match jeans or suits depending on the situation.

Classic penny loafers are the perfect option to wear with sport clothes and will match many dress clothes. Depending on the style of your city and customs, style will be different.

Loafers with tassels are recommended to be worn for elegant moments. Usually, these types of shoes are made in a black and brown color, differing them from the classic penny loafer which is made using different colors.

If your loafer is made with a rubber sole like the Amalfi shoes, the style might be best suited to a casual event.

If you have any questions about how to wear penny loafers, please don´t hesitate to visit our website and you will find out even more suggestions.