Don’t get turned down on Halloween!

Don’t get turned down on Halloween!
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Do you have the same dilemma with your Halloween costume every year?

Everyone expects to see you disguised as Scream or, if not that, as a Werewolf. If you’re running out of time, it’s best to use a little dark makeup and wear the oldest clothes you can find at home with some gory additions.

In any case, a Halloween costume is something that never goes out of fashion. Game of Thrones fans will probably decide settle on an outfit this year to look like Jon Snow. On the other hand, there will be some who choose to disguise themselves as the adorable clown from It, Pennywise.

For the Night of the Dead,  we advise against leaving your costume for the last minute, as being in a hurry is never a good idea.

If you want to really take the cake and dazzle this year, stop playing trick or treat and go with something that shows off your height. That’s the best spell anyone can cast! We have a truly deadly collection for all tastes that will put the shockers on more than a few others when they see your extra 7 cm of height that our shoes can give you. Magic? Check it out and you’ll see that the secret is very well hidden.

Don’t spend another year with the shame of putting on your old sneakers to be at home. Get a running start on your disguise and become a true Lord of Death this 2017. Otherwise, you’ll be standing on tiptoe at the back of group photos for another year.