The best shoes to wear to work

The best shoes to wear to work
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For many of us there has been many years since we have had to wear a school uniform, that maybe back then we dreaded putting on. But perhaps nowadays, the concept of wearing a uniform may even sound appealing, as many people don’t like the dilemma of not knowing what to wear each morning to work.

We’ve all been there, we look in the mirror in the morning and think, “I don´t know what to wear today”. In the same way we think carefully about what shoes to wear on a Friday night, we also need to carefully choose what shoes we should wear for work.

At, we would like to to give you some tips in order to make your decision as easy as possible.

  1. Leather boots

In addition to being really comfortable, they present their owner with a sophisticated look. Leather boots are perfect for all occasions and can be left on your feet after work too, as they’ll look the fantastic when out with friends. They are perfect for cold days too and can be warn when we want to feel warm, cozy and comfortable.






  1. Brogue style  

Brogue style shoes have a distinctive perforated toe cap with serrated edges. We recommended this style for days when you have many meetings on your agenda, as this classic shoe will provide comfort as well as being very smart and professional. In the past, brogue style shoes have been worn daily and used in many different occasions. In the present time, they are seen as the perfect partner for all elegant moments.





  1. Loafers

There is no doubt that a loafer is the most comfortable shoe because they are no laces, buckles or other type of grip. People who wear loafers look a bit more casual but not informal. Loafers are perfect match with jeans or trousers. A loafer is a shoe that can be used for any occasion.





  1. Suede shoes

Suede shoes with laces are often seen by many of us as an ideal style for daily use, both in colors black or brown and with jeans or trousers. The rubber sole allows the shoes to adapt to different terrain.  They are perfect to wear over the weekends when we are out and about. Thanks to their type of leather, they are suited for autumn or winter.





  1. Shoes with buckles

Shoes with buckles, together with loafers, are comfortable shoes and men will look elegant whilst wearing this style. We recommended that they are worn alongside a pair of suit trousers, and ideally a pair which are narrow in design. This will allow the foretoe to stand out and in turn this will make the buckle more prominent which is of importance to the shoe.